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How it Works

The concept of REALTYnuance is simple.

Imagine moving the filing cabinet in your office to a secure web based platform that you can access “Anytime, Anywhere” from any PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry or other devices on any Browser.

Now visualize the client and property files from the trunk of your car, your home office, the one you left at your client’s place all stored in that web based filing cabinet.

Individual REALTORS® become more efficient, and teams and assistants take their business to a whole new level with REALTYnuance. Reduce costs and up value added services to clients.

There’s no question that many REALTORS® will never move beyond the way they have done business for years – and in the minds of their competition – well that’s just perfectly fine!

Ask yourself, “If you are the same as your competition, what would motivate clients to do business with you”? Right, fee discounting! But bringing value added services to the table puts you in control of what fee you charge for your services.

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