Password Security and Your Real Estate Business

Everyone knows that having a secure password is a good thing and yet so few of us adequately protect our personal information. This means so few of us adequately protect our clients' personal information. It can be difficult to know exactly where to begin when it comes to security. There are so many different facets and scary information coming from all sides, that it is easy to ignore. However, as a REALTOR® password security is critical, for yourself, for your clients, and for your agency.

Why is password security important?

Every time you sign up to a new website or service, you are prompted to create a password. In many cases, though, the passwords we choose are not up to the standard necessary to provide true security. Password security is important because it protects all your information. From social media accounts to email, banking and brokerage accounts, a bad password can leave you vulnerable to hackers who may gain access to your accounts and steal your information. A hacked account can cause your account to be suspended or terminated if the organization or service provider believes you are violating their terms of use.

Once hackers learn one of your passwords, they can potentially determine the passwords to your other accounts. This means it is vital that your passwords are always different from each other and do not follow a pattern.

There are two main important components of a password, the length, and the complexity. It is not good enough to have something like AppleTree1999. It is better to have App!tR31999, however that is still not optimum. A password such as 8r!k2K8%nDt37Prwf!e?!yUkK is better because of its random assortment of letters, numbers, symbols, and length. Of course, you cannot be expected to remember something like this, which is why using a password wallet, also called a password manager is an invaluable tool for your Internet security.

Password Managers: A Helping Hand

A password manager is a piece of software that automatically logs you into websites, generates passwords for you, and stores them encrypted in a secure database that can only be accessed with your master password. Password managers are critical to protecting client data. This is because they allow you to have access to your accounts and log-in information without needing to remember them. With a password manager, you can easily create a new account and set up new log-in credentials.

Choosing A Password Manager

Choose a password manager. Look for a reputable brand that is widely used and trusted. There are a variety of options available, and you may save yourself time and energy by choosing one that is integrated with other apps in your real estate business. Here is a list of some reputable password managers:


Disclaimer: We do not directly endorse nor have affiliations with any.

Using Your Password Manager in Your Real Estate Business

Using a password manager, you need to create a master password, or passphrase. This is the only password you need to remember. As a passphrase, it can be a sentence, with upper and lowercase letters and numbers. One client had a wall full of inspirational and fishing posters. He used one of those as a trigger for his passphrase so if he ever forgot it, he would just look at the poster.

If you lose your passphrase, you could lose your entire account. Consider writing it down and storing in a safe or vault.

Each time you log into an account, you will first use your master passphrase and then access the individual log-in credentials. This way, you are still able to access the data while keeping it protected. Use your password manager when signing into REALTYnuance, your agency’s website and any third-party software.

Additional Security Tools

Two-factor authentication is another layer of security. It requires you to enter a code sent to your cell phone or to your email. Two-factor authentication is becoming more common – and mandatory with many sites – because hackers are becoming more determined.

Use A Password Manager

Password security is critical to protecting you and your clients' information. However, it can also be one of the most difficult aspects of real estate technology to navigate. Luckily, there are helpful password managers available so you can easily access your data without having to remember each account's password.

Help keep yourself, your real estate business, and your clients safe.

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